Monday April 30: Sound Art, Newport, Mural Unveiling!

We hosted an unveiling party for the new Chestnut mural design! We talked about how this new mural can serve as a conversation piece for hosting other events related to current social topics.

Andy Graydon temporarily installed his piece, "To Scale (10,000 Things for Mark Tobey) this week in the Liberal Arts building on campus. This awesome experience was organized by Dr. Rebecca Uchill.

Brittni Ann Harvey organized an incredible exhibition featuring work from students at UMass Dartmouth, RISD, and CCRI, and we had an opening reception this week for the show at the Trinity Church Parish House in Newport Rhode Island. Almost all of the artists made it for the reception, and they got to interact with each other and also with local folks from Newport.

Non-Event took over the College of Visual and Performing Art building on campus this Friday with their piece "Sonic Section Perspectives (For Paul Rudolph): An Architectural Sound Activation for UMass Dartmouth." Thanks again to Dr. Rebecca Uchill for organizing such an inspiring event.