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Please e-mail to inform us of all the other artist-organized* Centers, Institutes, Bureaus, Departments, and Labs that you love.

*Please note that we acknowledge all the work that goes into making a center, and non of these centers are organized solely by the artist listed (there are lots and lots of other people involved, and all of their work and contributions are integral to the centers listed below).

Center for Artistic Activism
Steve Duncombe and Steve Lambert

The Racial Imaginary Institute
Claudia Rankine

Institute for Infinitely Small Things

Center for Tactical Magic
Aaron Gach

Center for Land Use Interpretation
Matthew Coolidge

Center for Urban Pedagogy

Center for PostNatural History

Immigrant Movement International Community Center
Tania Bruguera

Mildred’s Lane
J. Morgan Puett and Mark Dion

Urban Ecology Action Group
Mark Dion

Social Practice Lab at Duke University
Pedro Lasch

Hi-Red Center
Genpei Akasegawa, Natsuyuki Nakanishi and Jiro Takamatsu

High Desert Test Sites
Andrea Zittel

Institut für Alles Mögliche
Stefan Riebel

Operation Paydirt/Fundred Dollar Bill Project and Safehouse
Mel Chin

Marina Abramović Institute

Sponge HQ
Hope Ginsburg

Free International University (FIU) for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research
Joseph Beuys, Klaus Staeck (1st chairman), Georg Meistermann (2nd chairman) and Willi Bongard (secretary), based on principles laid down in a manifesto written by Joseph Beuys and Heinrich Böll.

STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Golan Levin

Center for Art & Thought

Ghana Think Tank project

The OFF CENTER (San Francisco)

Antena (Los Angeles)

Epicenter (Green River, UT)

Chloe Cooper, Jenny Moore, and Phoebe Davies

The Color of Progress: Black and Green on the Industrial Gulf Coast

Center for Story-Based Strategy

Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI)

Yes Lab (organized by the Yes Men)

Big Rock Candy Mountain
Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed

Office of Surrealist Investigations

The Feminist Economics Department
Cassie Thornton

Urban Vacancy Research Initiative

Reimagining Value Action Lab

Bureau of Change

Centre for Art Tapes

Bureau of Self-Recognition
Chloe Bass

The Center for the Study of the Collective

The GardenLAb Experiment
LA Urban Rangers

Los Angeles Poverty Department

Revenant Archives
Kristen Gallerneaux

Works Progress Agency
Erica Thomas, Emily Fitzgerald, and Gracie Koester

C'mon Language
Anna Craycroft

Machine Project
Mark Allen

Trade School
Caroline Woolard

Other Centers Not Exactly Organized by Artists, but Still Great

Center for Advanced Visual Studies

Future Arts Research at Arizona State University (now defunct)

Center for Art Sciences and Technology at MIT