CURE Locations

The Center for Undisciplined Research is a decentralized and itinerant center, meaning that we have no set space dedicated to all of our activity, and we are always on the move—making and claiming space for ourselves and the things we believe in.

The choice to be decentralized came from many conversations with local people and administrators at the university, and rather than create a siloed place that might be inaccessible or invisible, our goal is to create satellite locations all around the region so we can bring the Center and the energy that comes with it to whoever wants it.


CVPA Cork Board built in 1992, Dartmouth, MA

Our first official location is this amazing cork board built by a UMass Dartmouth CVPA faculty member Carl Fasano in 1992.

We added a couple coats of yellow paint, and it will be the site of ongoing exhibitions throughout the year.


New Bedford Art Museum Wall, New Bedford, MA

Coming in early October, we will have a wall at the New Bedford Art Museum dedicated to the Center. Each month, the wall will host various activities, exhibits, and programs in association with the Center.


Office #228 at the Star Store in Downtown New Bedford, MA

The unofficial headquarters of CURE is located at Office #228 in the Star Store. This is where most planning meetings and brainstorming sessions happen, and we will have various exhibitions installed here throughout the year.


Office #155 at CVPA on Main Campus, Dartmouth, MA

The annex headquarters of CURE is located at Office #155 in CVPA. This is where collection and organization of artifacts and documents occurs, and the primary location for meeting with non-art students.